Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Microsoft Aims To Accelerate The Journey Of Automated Systems

Microsoft Automated Systems: Science and Technology develops too much amazing inventions where we talk about a car, TV, Smartphones etc. Now in current period the technology develops more and more there is no human who dont have a smartphone or any industry who dont have robots as a working labour.

Sarcos Guardian S Snake Robot

Microsoft Aims To Accelerate Their Automated Journey

In the aftermath of an earthquake a Snake Robot which is designed for to go that places where the human cant go. 

The Robot can be called by Sarcos Guardian S a small is which is designed for finding the cracks in the industries pipeline, finding peoples which is trapped in unstable buildings, sensing the hazardous gases at an accident site.

This robot is controlled by an engineer which control this thing from a safe distance. The control is like a video game controller where a the some moving keys and joystick present . To make this technology more efficient Sarcos Guardian S collaborate with Microsoft to make this technology more efficient so that it run more freely and understand the realistic  environment. 

For this Microsoft builds a toolchain which helps to make easier to developers for making autonomous systems. Today in Microsoft Build Conference Microsoft said that they use Azure Tool for making an intelligent agent that is capable of doing any work and that can run physical systems. This team includes longtime researchers, engineers and experts for bonsai which Microsoft acquired last year. 

Microsoft Platform's To Help Developers To Make An Autonomous System.

1. Unique teaching technology: it enables
the user to make AI systems with their knowledge not with science skills.

2. Simulation Technology: such a technology like Microsoft airsim or industry simulator which allow the machine to understand the realistic environment. 

Kristi Martindale vice president and chief marketing officer of Sarcos said that they were looking for a autonomous solution that would combine with machine and human intellect and intuition. 

Today the person who controls the Sarcos Guardian S he said the controls of this technology was too complex it takes too much time for manipulate the snake onto the landscape movements like stairs. 

Using the Microsoft toolchain developers were able to develop an autonomous system which can run without human guide and understand the realistic  environment. 

So I hope you all understand about the Microst aim to develop their automated technology to autonomous technology. So if this article helpful for you please share it. If you have any doubt or suggestion leave a comment. Stay tune with us for latest technology updates. 

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