Friday, May 10, 2019

TSMC 5nm+ Chipsets Claim By 2021

TSMC 5nm+ Chipsets: TSMC 5nm transistor technology is optimized for both mobile and computing applications. They take the risk to start the mass production of "5nm+ Chipsets".

5nm+ Chipsets

TSMC 5nm+ Chipsets

From Taiwan that the trial production Of TSMC 5nm+ Chipsets has been finished and they take the risk to commence the mass production  of 5nm+ Chipsets. The reports shows that the new 5nm+ Chipsets brings 15% extra performance and the surface area has been reduced upto 40%. 

Performance by 5nm+ Chipsets

The shares of 10nm chipsets is 63% and the shares of 7nm nodes is 45% so that it's a risk for TSMC but they are ready to take this risk. 

Production  Of 5nm+ Nodes

According to the "IT home" reports the production of 5nm+ nodes has been started in the second quarter of 2020. This nodes consume 15% less power as compared to 7nm node and it gives 7% extra performance.  The "IBS Research" shows that the price of 5nm+ will increase upto $12500 as compared to  $9965  7nm nodes. In 5nm+  chipsets there is 10.5 billion transistors in an 85mm diameter. 

Difference Between 5nm and 5nm+ Nodes

In 5nm and 5nm+ chipsets the lithography I'd same which means that the node is measured as 5nm node but the difference is that the 5nm chipset uses laser process with the wavelength of 193nm to project a patterns onto the die through a mask but in 5nm+ chipsets it uses ultraviolet laser with the wavelength of 13nm (EUV System). The EEUV system is difficult to get but in 5nm + EUV system there is 100,000 parts , 40,000 bolts , 3000 cables and 2kg of hosing. 

So I hope you all understand about the "Production Risk of 5nm+ nodes by TSMC". If you have any doubt or suggestion leave a comment below. Stay tone with us for latest technology updates.

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