Saturday, May 4, 2019

Pubg Mobile 0.12.5 Update

Pubg Mobile New Update: Here is the Tencent Games  release 0.12.5 Update For Android and iOS platform.

Pubg Mobile New Upcoming Update

Pubg Mobile 0.12.5 Update

After the 0.12.0 update Tencent games released their 0.12.5 update. There is a log of new stuff has been come in this update.  so here is the following new stuff which come in new update:

1. The Male Voice: So we know that there is only two types of voice in Pubg Mobile one is default voice and other is classic voice but now in new update they add a Male voice which is pretty cool for Male players because the Male player not feel very well with female voice. 

2. The Game Companion: Those who play pubg mobile 0.12.0 in beta version they know that update. So in this update there is a pegion on the character's shoulder which looks cool we have to give him food for his development. This has been released for 0.12.0 but because of some reasons Tencent Games Shift This feature into their next update.

3. The Real Chicken Dinner: So in 0.12.0 update there is a new feature added by pubg that when we won the match there is a time of 30s has been added  to go onto lobby but now in 0.12.5 update we do the real chicken dinner for 30s where the chicken roast animation has been added. I like this feature.

4. Season 7: We all wait for Season 7 because we know that in the new season Pubg mobile bring new. So in the Season 7 Pubg Mobile introduces their new plane skin and new helmet skins and I mostly liked AKM skin. There is a new thing introduced in Season 7 that there is a RP EZ licence has come into existence I Dont what was that mean. If talk about price of Royal Pass of Saeson 7 the price is same as Season 6. There is a new outfit introduced if we reach 100 RP. So here you can saw on the video that was new things come in new Season.

This Update has released on 14 or 17 May 2019. 

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So I hope you understand about Pubg Mobile 0.12.5 update. If you have any doubt or suggestion leave a comment below l. If you like this article so please share this.


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