Sunday, July 7, 2019

AMD launches its 3000 series chipsets | is it's the world's fastest gaming cpu

AMD beats intel

AMD 3000 series chipsets

So after the too much struggle AMD finally released its 3000 series cpu's. It comes with three variants like from low to high segment. AMD is the only company who make desktop processor with 7nm fabrication process. Here is the variants which can be released by AMD: 

1. AMD Ryzen 3900X: it was the top most variant of AMD 3rd generation CPU's. It comes with 12 cores and 24 threads. Its have 64 mb of cache memory. Its base clockspeed is 3.8 ghz which can be boosted upto 4.6 ghz. It works on the TDP of 105w

2. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X: the second variant comes with 8 cores and 16 threads. It comes with cache memory of 5mb/32mb. It's the bass clockspeed of 3.6 ghz which can be boosted upto 4.4 ghz. It also works on the TDP of 105w. 

3. AMD Ryzen 5 3600g: as we know that AMD known for its budget CPU so this variant for budget gamers. This variant comes with the cache memory of 3mb/32mb. Its base clockspeed is 3.8 ghz which can be boosted upto 4.4 ghz. It works on the TDP of 95w. 

AMD beats intel

Comparison between AMD 3900X and Intel i9-9900k

So if we compare AMD top most variant of 3rd generation CPU with Intel i9-9900k we all know that Intel wins but in precent time it's not true. We know that Intel known for its single core speed but when we compare both AMD compete with Intel in single core speed there is only 4% difference between both cpu's. 

If we talk about performance in multicore it is obvious that AMD wins because we know that AMD known for his multicore speed. AMD beats Intel with the percent rate of 50%. AMD takes at least 35 to 46 min to render video at 4k on the other hand Intel i9-9900k takes 1hour. But if we compare both variants according to their price so AMD 3900x is much costly as compared to Intel Intel i9-9900k. So there is no doubt that AMD 3900x is the fastest chipsets then Intel i9-9900k. 

AMD beats intel

Is AMD is the new king of gaming cpu's??

AMD 3900x maked with 7nm fabrication on the other hand Intel i9-9900k makes with 14nm fabrication process. We tested both chipsets on AAA tittle games which is named as assassin creed odyssey , watch dos 2 , hitman 2 , the rise of tomb raider. The result becomes unexpectable AMD is much faster then Intel. All these games has been tested at all resolution with all graphic settings(low , medium , high , ultra). AMD gives more framerates as compared to Intel. So we can say that AMD robs the Intel tittle of world fastest gaming processor. 

So I hope you all know about AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU's. Tell me in the comments  below that which processer would you prefer first. Stay with us for latest tech updates. 

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