Tuesday, July 2, 2019

What is i-sim | The future of sim

Today I am going to talk about a special thing which can be named as i-sim. So without wasting more time let's get started.

New sim technology

What is i-sim??

So the first thing we need to know that what is i-sim. The full name of i-sim is integrated subscriber identity  module. It comes inside of the smartphone let me explain  with the help of an example there is a lots of components are present on the device motherboard whatever it was a processor,  GPU , sim slots , speakers , camera , sensors etc. So like this i-sim comes inside the device on the motherboard. It works like a normal sim card where we store our data or calling to someone. 

ARM company who is the manufacturer of sim cards designs they decided to launch this new technology when the 5g connectivity has been available in the whole world. 

What is e-sim

What is difference between e-sim and i-sim

So after knowing about i-sim there is a thing come in mind that what is the difference between e and i-sim. There is the difference of technology concept and the size. If we talk e-sim it was an embedded sim by which we make a account to connect with telecommunication for example if we change our smartphone so if we have an e-sim there is no need to make the backup of the contacts just we need to login with our e-sim account and the whole data were restored. 

If we the size of both sims it was smaller then a nano sim the i-sim comes with the fractional millimeters which means it was smaller then both nano and e-sim. This new concept consumes less space which is a pretty cool thing. 

Why ARM makes this new technology??

The purpose to make this new technology is that to save the space inside the motherboard and add new features we know that to get new feature there is a need of space so by considering this thing they decided to launch this new concept in the future. To make mobile more powerful and featurable mobile companies remove to much components on the behalf this they introduced new features like in the 2019 smartphones there is no headphone Jack but the companies gave us wireless earpods. 

In the recent years there is mini sims are available in the whole world but with the passing of mini sims converted into micro and micro converted into nano sims and nano sim converted into e-sim. 

5g network

What is the future of i-sim??

As we know that with the passing of time the technology develops more and more the the autonomous cars come into existence where is no need of driver so by considering this thing we say that the i-sim is the future of sims. 

I hope you guys understand about what is i-sim. Let me know in the comment  below that what you guys think about this new technology and stay tune with us for latest tech updates and dont forget to subscribe my blog. 

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